The Beauty of Japan – Seeing is Believing

Visited Kyoto and Tokyo for 2 weeks during the last Thanksgiving. The Fall of Kyoto is breathtakingly beautiful.
Japan 2014

As a food lover, I was in food heaven for two weeks. The overall food quality in Japen is phenomenal. I also love Japanese’s department store’s food courts. You could even order a mouth-watering and award-winning Kaiseki meal set from those department stores in Kyoto.

Fun fact: Did not realize until I was in Japan that it is now the country has most three-starred Michelin restaurants, impressive!

Handmade fresh noodle – knife cut noodle

Handmade fresh noodle – knife cut noodle from Asian World’s new food court

Fajita Taco Fest

Fajita Taco Fest! La Azteca has the best Fajita meat, try it out if you haven’t.