2004 Symposium Ale

This was a beer brewed specially for the 2004 craft beers conference in 2004. A collaboration brew between the AleSmith, the Lost Abbey and the Stone. (More info @Ratebeer.com)

We opened this one on  February 2011. I absolutely loved the color of this ale, a very beautiful and saturated golden color. The taste of it, aside from having many typical Belgium golden ale’s characters, was slightly hoppy.  Maybe because we started drinking quite early, I thought this beer was pretty refreshing and pleasant.

My Favorite Double IPAs

Generally, i don’t enjoy Double IPA  as much as Single IPA.

To me, many of the Double IPA were

  • overpowering,
  • not as crispy as the single IPA, and
  • many of them tend to be on the syrupy side than i would prefer.

However, there are always exception:

1. Pliny the Elder (from Russian River Brewing Co)

I found this beer is very well-balanced, earthy and crispy in taste. I also like the hint of floral and earthy smell on the nose.

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