Spring 2012 beer tasting


Week 3 or beer tasting

Favorite: alesmith x(pale ale), and elpine nelson(double ipa). Alesmith is a given, but will definitely start paying attention at Elpine Brewing Co from San Diego, CA.

Elpine Nelson Douple IPA, Alesmith X Pale ale, Firestone DBA, Blind Pig IPA. Denoggin-izer double IPA

All About Single IPA

9 Sing IPA Tasting

right to left:(Bear Republic Racer 5, Russian River Blind Pig, Firestone Walker Union Jack, Stone, Green Flash, Port Wipeout, AleSmith, Ballast Point Sculpin, Alpine Duet)

My final top three (nose + taste):

  1. Alpine Duet IPA
  2. AleSmith IPA
  3. Stone IPA

This is pure personal preference, all the IPAs we tasted here were ranked within the top 20 of the single IPA(according to ratebeer.com).  What i really like  about the above three were their complex and pleasant smell, the mouth feel of the crispiness, and the balance that to my liking.  If only judge by bitterness, below three were, to me, the most bitter bunch.

Most Bitter:

  1. West Cost GreenFlash IPA
  2. Port Brewing Wipe Out IPA
  3. Ballast Point Sculpin IPA

Note: Big THANK YOU to my dear friend Mike who went all the way to CA and brought those rarity back.


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